The Importance of Social Capital

Second in importance to confidence in pulling hot babes is demonstrating that you are a mensch, by way of the associations and good will you have engendered. The best way to establish social capital, which is worth more than money (you can be a rich tool- babes won’t go for you), is to frequent the same stores, restaurants, and night clubs, and treat the staff as if you are a prince. Be charming, be entertaining, and by all means, tip the PullJoy way. You will be the sort people love to serve. This is done not to impress women, it’s done because you’re happy with yourself, and enjoy life. Pretty girls will pick up on the way folk respond to you. It’s sexy, and women want to be with the winner.

Equal treatment, and appreciation of what you have will get you there. Women- you’re just inviting them along for the ride. It’s the ride of their life. No matter whether a babe is in the emotional dumps, or high on life like you, a well-regarded guy will appeal to her. If you feel you can’t afford to cultivate this image, examine what you spend on your cell phone, video games, gas, and other impersonals. If you honestly can’t hit a few favorite spots, you don’t need to be pursuing highly desired women anyway. Another way of looking at it is, if the most popular night clubs in your city or town have a high cover charge (or you drink), you can save a lot of that by hitting free spots with babes- book and music stores, the park, malls, galleries, her crib or yours. The point is, whether it’s your cleaners, your favorite diner, or the front desk at your apartment, your appearance should elicit an enthusiastic greeting from the employees.

If you’re that well thought of, why wouldn’t she like you?



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