Why is Confidence Attractive to Women?

What is it about a self-assured man that’s attractive to beautiful women? How much time do you have? Confidence is sexy because it tells her you expect her to want to be with you- you’re not hitting on her. This implies that she is no exception, or better than anyone else because she’s highly desired, but that you only mess with the best looking babes. The irony is that while you are speaking with her, she feels like the only woman in the world. When you are spieling her, time should stand still.

Confidence also says you know where you are, and where you’re going in this life. Doesn’t matter if you’re young, pudgy, or live with your folks, when you’re one-on-one with her, everything about you says purpose. It means she’ll have a good time with you, in public and in the sack, because everyone she has seen greet you is happy to see you, and any guy this comfortable with a pretty girl must be a good lay.

The more you score, the less intimidated you are by new women, because past success demystifies the process. One might call PullJoy the un-mystery method, in that I teach universal truths about human attraction that transcend class and gender. Everyone, unless they are envious, loves a winner. And almost everyone respects winners. A man who is focused in his initial conversation with a hottie, has the body language to match, yet doesn’t stand around taking up half her day, is at the very least an intriguing curiosity, and to most, attractive. With self-esteem, ambition, and body image (even with the best looking) being primary issues women struggle with, there is the hope among many that some male confidence will rub off on them. I have been told as much.

The other irony is that with all your bravado, you’re nice. Swagger does not equal rudeness, manipulation of women, or conceit. If you were stuck on yourself, you wouldn’t be talking to her. Stand straight, relax your breathing, dress different than the pack, maintain comfortable eye contact, and exude a love of life. If she’s emotionally stable, happy will be contagious, and can lead to happy encounters you-know-where.

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