Study Successful People

Fast Eddie Felson had it right in “The Color of Money”. “Pool excellence isn’t about excellent pool, it’s about becoming somebody…” Substitute the word “pickup” for “pool”, and you have the PullJoy philosophy in a nutshell. Picking up hot women isn’t about improving your wardrobe, showing off your ride, or talking about your succesful career, it’s about an attitude that says “It would be exciting, right now, to be with me. More exciting than what you were gonna do today/tonight.” Study successful people. Read their memoirs, borrow their autobiographies from the library, particularly leading figures in art history, maverick entrepreneurs, great politicans, and innovative scientists. Examine what made them different, read about their research, their will, and the risks they endured. There are few better shows on television a PUA can watch than “The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch”. There, excited guests share the story of their business rise, host Deutsch asks great questions about their planning, setbacks, and mindset, and Deutsch is sincerely enthusiastic and encouraging to each person.

He’s positive, and so are they. Look at their conversational exchange, their body language, and their comfort level with their dream. This is what PullJoy is all about. Beautiful women are not prizes, trophies, or prey, they are individual people who wish to spend sexual time with you, because you strike them as different. Since, the badder the babe, the more sexually selective she is, the less you remind her of the pack, the better.

Learn what defines success before tangible success takes root, and you’re on your way to higher play.



2 responses to “Study Successful People

  1. My dad always told me, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” That’s exactly what this post implies.

    Don’t look around at the people who are trying to be successful, concentrate and focus on the people who already made it so you can get there to.

    Surround yourself with success, and you too will be able to bask in accomplishment.


  2. smoothtalker

    You’re so right OR, as was your father.


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