Be a Leader: Everybody Loves a Winner

The best way to grow one’s social capital is to lead a life of consequence. The best looking women (by any societal standards) gravitate towards rock stars, politicians, pro ballplayers and business leaders because those men have accomplished something, and thus separated themselves from the pack. Their social captial speaks for itself. Seek leadership, and get her done- whether in social organizations, student groups, volunteerism, clubs, activism, your sense of fashion, or the way you treat others. Adopt, if you don’t already have one, a winning attitude. Stand out, and women, among others, will take note.

This rule of attraction dates back to our early existence, when tribal disputes, harsh surroundings, and the risk entailed in hunting large animals for the most efficient nutrition source- meat- led certain men to exhibit characteristics women found valuable because of security and support. Our environment may have changed, or we may have changed it (air conditioning, automobiles, indoor lighting), but survival skills remain.

People follow leaders. Rule the day, and the babes will look your way.



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