Have an Aura About You

To be PullJoy, you have to exist within a bubble. Imagine that every time you enter an office, building or room, everyone’s thoughts shift to you, even if they appear to still be focused on their tasks (fronting). You possess a magnetism, you are not famous, but command that level of attraction. If you envision it, people will divert their focus to you. This attraction people feel towards you, despite not knowing you, includes great looking women. People can’t help themselves.

I was PullJoy long before I launched this blog- I only did this to assist those searching for their PullJoy. Once I knew that the love of life was my sole aim, which was at a very young age- all else fell into place. Of course I was interested in the hottest women, what man of substance wouldn’t be? Who, with an appreciation of the delicate thread life is, wouldn’t want to enjoy as many prime moments as possible? People can feel this. Whether I was seated in Central Park West’s Crane Club during open mike night in the mid-1990’s minding my business, celebs walking in every few minutes, and felt a prominent Knicks player looking at me from across the room a few times as if wondering if he was supposed to know me, to similar stares from former bandleader Morris Day about a year later at a CD release party at D.C.’s chic Chinatown spot Caracalla- even accomplished people have checked me out in public surroundings. Some even speak or introduce themselves.

I attribute part of this to my wardrobe, as I package myself separately from the nine-to-five male, but you can’t put lipstick on a pig. I have “it”. If you follow PullJoy philosophy, you will too. You can’t buy it, or stores would make a mint selling it. You develop it within, like a bodybuilder works on musculature. You know you are worth knowing. Be up to speed on those who helped shape the world we know- Tesla, Freud, Pavlov, Gandhi, Gurdjieff, Charlie Parker, Bill Gates. As quiet as it’s kept, there are highly accomplished people who enjoy discussing things other than American team sports. The ability to discuss big things will distinguish you in many settings.

Know something of the world beyond your borders. Of science and nature. Of the social order, and econ. If you become a student of life, for life, you will learn about women. You can hold court on things universal and eternal, and not just where you study or work.

People will like having you around.

Money and material possessions can come and go, but no one or nothing, not even rough times, can penetrate your bubble. Beautiful women are just as sexual as anyone else, and just as likely to be pleasant- some of my warmest friends are beautiful girls. If your life has meaning, people will take to you, unless they have issues of their own. Your persona commands a room. During my last client consultation, a hottie sitting at a table about 15 feet behind my client kept checking me out while I schooled him. Guys, if you met and hung with cats in your local PUA community (or seduction lair), you’d dig them- they’re cool, not conceited.

This concept is powerful, so I only ask that you use your powers for good (be courteous, tip well, speak to little kids and your elders).



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