How Can You Tell if a Girl or Woman Likes You?

It has been asked that I post about ways of determining whether a young woman is interested in a guy or not. Sexually. We know that many signs of attraction, known as “Indicators of Interest” in the PUA community, are involuntary. More broadly, it will help you to know that most of our bodily and facial reactions are such- which is why polygraph machines are used. Humans perspire more when nervous, some shift uncomfortably in their seats under stress, our pupils enlarge when we see something interesting. There is nothing we can do to mask reaction. Try as we may, we cannot help but flinch or grimace ever so slightly when we hear a slur or see something distasteful- even a person who turns us off. Regarding interest, check out the girl’s posture, and her proximity to you while speaking. Leaning forward, steady eye contact, laughter at your conversation, and a nervous rocking of a leg are good signs.

Also look for an occasional toss or adjustment of her hair, or, before you even approach her, when you engage her eyes, she quickly looks away and down or at something different (an attempt to mask). If there is no interest, why the effort to play it off? In larger rooms, a woman may walk to position herself near a man whose presence strikes her- ostensibly to do something like use the ladies’ room. There are, of course, verbal indicators as well, such as inquiries into your relationship status, or where you live (the latter under certain contexts). The best ways to determine whether someone is drawn to you is this manner is the degree to which they seem relaxed and smile, yet a trifle self-conscious as if uncertain whether you like them- as if they have something to prove, and their indifference as to the passage of time. But read on.

You can enhance their sense of uncertainty, and their need to gain approval, by playing off their personal questions as signs of amorous interest, as in, “Whoa, girl, you move pretty fast…”. Keep the personal stuff to a minimum and maintain that air of mystery that makes a woman have something to wonder about. Leave something to the imagination. As far as her loss of a sense of time- always be the one who has to bounce- leave her wanting more. Use the fact that she could sit and bond with you like this forever to ask if you guys can continue this later (or in a night situation, move to a more private setting).

I found this helpful- when I’m sitting in booth seat across from a babe I just met that day, or earlier that day/weekend, I pat the seat next to me and say “Sit here.” Babe moves, you’re money.

I’ll bottom line it for you though fellas. If you’re PullJoy, there’s gonna be some interest there- because you’re happy, likeable, and reserve a little bit of yourself. Your questions to her are deep, and your body language says “sex”. The question becomes, what are you gonna do about it?

Don’t overthink the IOI thing when you’re with a babe. After some conversational bonding, touch test her when you laugh, or when you tease her about moving fast. If light taps on the wrist, forearm or shoulder go over, you can go PullJoy and have it dawn on you that you dig her. Everything should seem like kismet, not as if you spotted her from across the room and planned it. She’s the one with the burden of approval.



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