PullJoy’s Ten Hottest Actresses and Celebs

Beautiful women are the sole purpose for this blog, and one of the main inspirations to get up every morning. One never knows what one is going to see (or pull). One’s standard of beauty determines who one will approach (to make a humorous observation), in what we hope are situations where intangible social capital may be demonstrated. No ten, no pen. In that spirit, here’s my list of women who could set off a smoke alarm:

Suleka Matthew, actress (ABC’s “Men In Trees”)

Eva Mendes

Hayden Panettiere

Rashida Jones, actress, “The Office”

Contessa Brewer, anchorwoman, MSNBC

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, panelist, “The View”

Dr. Mallika Marshall, t.v. medical expert, “CBS Early Show”

Kim Kardashian

Asha Blake, anchorwoman



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