Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Players Were Doing it Before it Had a Name

When it comes to the science of pickup art, (I know, science and art in the same breath- and no contradiction in terms), I believe in the K.I.S.S. method. Keep it Simple Stupid. It worked for Gene Simmons, and besides- why re-invent the wheel. ST loves to kiss. Since the dawn of man (and woman), those with the alpha traits that trigger attraction have demonstrated basic principles that stand the test of time. Much has been made of verbal cues and neuro-linguistic programming as to its effect on desired women. In the late 1990’s there was much literature about “running patterns” on babes. Science plays a big role here at PullJoy, but I like to keep my material accessible. The smoothest cats have been planting visual imagery in women’s head since the caveman days.

When it came to language, poets and pimps were the most gifted in this regard. Suffice it to say this blog is not about prostitution management or abusing women. Yet there are lessons in the linguistics of the panderer concerning verbal stimuli. Remember Andrew Salter, the founder of conditioned reflex theory, taught that every word triggers an associative response that is either “excitative” or “inhibitive”. I needn’t tell you which the word “pamper” elicits. Those who have read “Pimp: The Story Of My Life” by Robert “Iceberg Slim” Beck will recall a scene in which he encountered a woman in his apartment he had never said anything to, and, if memory serves, spit something along the lines of-

“I’m the dreamy stud with the bedroom eyes who’s been popping the elastic on your panties since you  moved in…” The sentence is chock full of excitative words. Just as importantly, it prefaces a reality that has not taken place. Bet ‘berg didn’t call it NLP.

There’s a legendary playa in my town (not a pimp, a ladykiller) who once whispered something in the ear of a hot blonde who was passing him on the street, and it astounded his boys when girlfriend did a 360 and came to kiss him- sans introduction. When they asked what he said, he told them-

“I told her, ‘I want to stick my tongue in your mouth'”. Take that, Pavlov (don’t try this at home- yet- the cat who pulled this off is average-looking, but he oozes social capital and “comfort in my own skin”-I’ll get you there in due course).

In the book on our Required Reading List, “Gentlemen of Leisure”, there’s an incident where one of the pimps, I think Dandy, sees a girl on the stroll who doesn’t work for him, and says, “Stacking my money?” I repeat, the girl didn’t work for him. But you’re getting my point.

Be strong and brief with babes, but use words that bear meaning, especially to women. Once you’re certain she’s attracted, trigger her sexual emotions, and get that oxytocin rushing. You don’t have to memorize the fancy pyschological term for this, just the technique itself. It’ll make you way PullJoy.



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