8 Ways to Turn Off a Girl

From Men’s Health:




2 responses to “8 Ways to Turn Off a Girl

  1. 1) You don’t pick up after yourself at your place.
    solution: say no to cohabitation, or otherwise, playing House.
    2) You ask how much a new bag or hair cut cost.
    “are you going to pay for it?” if no, “that’s between me, Neiman’s, Bank of America and God.”
    if inquisition persists, remind him that it’s in poor taste… or just walk away while loudly singing “why you all in my grill?”
    3) he talks to you like one of the guys.
    never had this problem, but this is probably a sign that things have gotten too comfortable or you’re with a schlub.
    4) you speak of the future in vague terms.
    sometimes you need to cut your losses and move the hell on. you need to recognize when you’re just a time-filler or “starter wife.” there’s no need to psychoanalyze.
    5) you stop trying.
    the fact that you’re turned off and thus not about to “give it up” as they say will fix this in no time.
    6) you blatantly look at porn.
    what kind of porn? is he taking good or bad tips from it? this is very subjective.
    7) you turn down sex.
    huh? did somebody die? does he have the flu? diabetes?
    8) you ask us out via text.
    i don’t respond to text messages.

  2. Thanks GBW, I appreciate the input and the qualifiers.


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