PullJoy: The Full Life Is The Thrilling Life

I live on the edge. No ten, no pen. Each day I rise to the excitement of new possibilities. What bad babe will I see that defies the belief that I’ve seen everything? Who will light up my day by responding to my mack? What science or psychology will I uncover that will aid readers of this blog? The May newsletter, individual consultations, invitations to write for other websites- the world is pregnant with opportunities because I made it that way. When you’re PullJoy baby, you have a lot to look forward to.

Keep up with my blog and newsletter (if you’re not on my e-mail address list, hit me up at smooth.talker@live.com), and become comfortable with beautiful women. It’s a joy when they smile at everything you say, and express further interest. It means you can climb any proverbial mountain. It’s manly as all get out- and separates you from the schlub club.

Babes dig sex more than we do (which is saying something)- it’s just that societal conventions and personal standards limit hotties to guys who are “different”. Ever notice that almost all campus sex columnists are women? You can’t be obilivious to the competitiveness around millions of women’s interest in being contemporary in their fashion, cosmetics, hairstyle, and staying fit. Even if one says, “They’re doing that more for women than for men”, it’s generally to compete with women, not attract them.

The unexamined life is not worth living– Socrates

Get in the game dude. Maintain a positive attitude, and women will surprise you. Be laid back and funny. Say a little something to all the dolls. Long life is guaranteed no one, illness, tornadoes, war, and random shootings (even on campus) fill the headlines. Life each day as if it could be your last- one day you’ll be right.

Live The Dream



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