Smooth Talk The Ladies: The Best Pickup Lines Are Situational

Guys (and loyal female readers), the smoothest things I’ve ever uttered to lovely lasses were dictated by the immediate circumstances- her groceries, her destination, beautiful surroundings, a holiday. This is because such statements don’t come off as canned, and re-used whenever. Whether or not your rap will elicit a smile or not depends heavily on the sincerity of your tone- it’s less what you say than how. Once you have that down, any smooth observation that turns the conversation to her, her and you, or getting together will be clever, original, and demonstrate a quick wit. A guy like that is highly attractive, and at that point fellas, it’s really not a pickup line (it’s you being sexy/humorous to her, and her alone).

This thread is old, but timeless- note how many of the lines were comebacks to something the babe said, or circumstancial:

Saturday my buddy stopped at a gas station, and a tall, leggy Barbie in a semi-formal black dress was filling up. I just told her, “You should stand away from the pump- it might explode.” That prompted a friendly laugh. Let the situation lead you- be spontaneous. It’ll become habit, and you’ll get better at it. Most importantly, it won’t strike women as cheesy and impersonal. We fall for what we see, women fall for what they hear.



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