Clothes Are a Chick Magnet: Social Capital Through Threads

Welcome to the new visitors coming by way of I hope you find the information here insightful and entertaining. Those who would like to receive the May edition of PullJoy: The Seduction Newsletter via e-mail should contact me at– it drops this weekend. The first edition is at the heading of the blog.

One cannot stress enough the impact stylish clothing has on beautiful women. One never has a second chance to make a first impression, and since we cannot show women our paycheck, ride, apartment, or other interested girls when we first meet them, one of the only avenues available to demonstrate social capital is that we’re well-dressed and groomed. More than any strata of the population, attractive women devote attention to skin care, hairstyle, attire, and fitness (their own). That’s part of what caught your eye in the first place. Over the years they have learned and read about fabric, fashion, exercise, diet, and jewelry. Their taste has developed (one might say they have “acquired” a certain preference). In a world where you only have a short time to impress and distinguish yourself, nothing says “I’m my own man” like threads.

A sporty look has another advantage- you’ll look welcome any place, any time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a sexy woman walk toward or enter a reception, book signing, church, restaurant, or hotel business area, and been glad I was appropriately attired to suit the setting. If you happen upon a sign for a career fair, author event, or art happening, it would be a shame not to be able to assess the babeworthiness of it because you’re dressed like a schlub. I can go anywhere in my uni.

Read up on the optimum look for your frame and age, and ask a few clothing store sales people to point you in the right direction. I offer e-mail consultation too, and for readers in Greater D.C., can meet you in person to discuss a look that works. Being PullJoy is about tangible separation from the pack, not Dockers and button-downs every day. The clothes with which you convince a human resources manager and a hot babe are completely different things. How can she tell you different if you look and carry yourself like every other dude? When you’re stylin’, you feel unique (ever wonder why military units and private schools insist on uniforms).

Get dressed and get sexed.



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