What The Smooth Greenpeace Canvasser Taught Me

One can learn pickup skills anywhere, so keep your eyes open and your ears peeled to effective communication in musical lyrics, ads, movie lines, political speeches, and talented salespeople. The ability to sell well and influence people is a gift, as many entry level collegians and grads who tried it as a part-time gig soon learned. I was just approached by a young man who street canvasses for Greenpeace. I often avoid their spiel by walking wide of them, but didn’t think this cat saw me in his path (my first mistake- a good salesperson, like an alert PUA, is cat-quick). What did I learn from dude?

His eye contact was good, and his tone sincere. He turned the convo towards me by asking about the origin of my name. And when I tossed him off my, “I’ve given to you guys” he didn’t hesitate, he shot back:

“Let’s re-kindle that fire.” Strong choice of words- speaks to lingusitic programming. I’m sympathetic- I’ve done door-to-door sales, canvassing for products and political candidates, phone sales, and surveying- so I’ve been there. And ST has an invisible carbon footrpint- I haven’t owned a ride in 16 years. Besides that, I love green. But I digress. Dude also employed humor- when I asked what monthly membership entailed, he said:

“We send you out with the polar bears for six months, you do well with the polar bears, we bring you back and make you a member…” With a straight face. Then he said he was kidding. You may be thinking- the cat sells Greenpeace for a living ST, how sharp can he be?  Take it from a master of tone and body language- dude was a pro. I let him go on for a bit because I was peeping his style, and studying others in their element helps me (which in turn helps you– sports fans). When I begged off, he used a standard objection answer: “I know how much you care about the environment…” Can you think of an analogous line with a hottie who’s listening, but says she has to jet?

How about, “Well, I know there’s a connection, so let’s meet for tea sometime. Write your number on this (don’t ask for the digits, tell girlfriend to write it or give them)…” Or, “…we have a lot in common, let’s pick this conversation up later…” One way to avoid this situation is to cop the digits and bounce before she has a chance to say she has to.

My point is, be funny, be original, be direct, and stay on point for pretty babes at all times. Knowledge can come from any source, take note of it, and add it to your game.



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