Being PullJoy: Engage All Sexable Women

Short of being rude, or putting oneself in a situation where there is absolutely no means of establishing social capital (i.e. I’m fun, I’m fit, I’m fine or I’m favored), I advocate saying something witty to EVERY doable babe within speaking distance. Let me qualify that by stating when I say “doable”, I don’t mean “everything that moves”, or “breathing”. I mean women whose bones you’d really like to jump, even the kind (in terms of looks) you’d have had approach anxiety towards before I pulled your coat to pickup art. Be selective guys- it focuses you like little else. Tiger Woods structures his whole year around the four majors. But when I see that hottie, I almost always, unless she’s out of reach, or it would seem impolite based on who she’s with, pop something that at least lets me walk away knowing her name, and her interest level. Without doing so- I would be confined to always wondering “who”, and “…what if…?”

You don’t have to give a campaign speech. I don’t even always ask for the digits, often I’m just being on, being me. Early yesterday, I asked a raven-haired girl with a centerfold build to join for me at my table while she was in line ordering at Panera Bread. “I have to get back to work,” she said, but I know her name now- and her gig is in my neighborhood. Man, did she have a tiny waist!

Last night, with one woman whose shape and style I dug, I complimented her on a unique, large brown gemstone ring she had on, and asked if her book was a good read. It was “The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe”, which kicked off an easy convo about childhood, the movies adapted from C.S. Lewis’ books, a PBS biopic about Lewis, and why she (a Philadelphian) chose to attend a tiny college on Massachusetts’ North Shore. She’s moving again- so I only took things so far- but I wouldn’t know that if I hadn’t spoken up.

Another babe not long afterwards was very stylish in a summer dress and black pumps- so much so that I asked, “Are you French?” Her demeanor and ensemble hinted of Europe. Think of a shorter, but not quite as hot Charlotte on “Sex In The City”.

“No, but I take that as a compliment” she said when I gave her my reasoning. Didn’t hit on her, wasn’t quite my speed, but I engaged. Asked a girl on the subway with a body that wouldn’t quit, a question about a stop I wasn’t familiar with because I don’t ride in that particular direction, and noticed the beginnings of a tat on the base of her neck.

“What’s your tattoo?”

“It’s a panther,” she said, tugging her tee shirt down a few inches to reveal the big cat. We discussed our mutual aesthetic preference for big cats, and I told her:

“You seem like an interesting person, let’s pick this conversation up later.” Girlfriend told me she’s married. Cool- again, you see my point.

Become comfortable with women the way salespeople overcome their fear of rejection by customers- by talking to them. One converstational thread will segue into another far more naturally than you might imagine, if you’re a well-versed sort. Learn who’s on the market, who isn’t, who’s just passing through, and who digs you. It’s the only way to really be PullJoy.



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