So Many Single Women, So Little Time

“Sex and the City”. e-Harmony. Speed dating. Yahoo! personals. Singles cruises and getaways. Professional matchmakers. First Fridays happy hours. Relationship message boards and chat rooms. Yuppie kickball leagues. Date doctors. All these things exist, to some degree, because it’s not easy to meet eligible people that suit one’s preferences. Even in metropoli such as New York and L.A., and cities full of former collegians like Boston, people complain. Atlanta too. For all the ease of communication, the self-help books, the bar scene and the consultants, none of it does you guys a bit of good if you’re uncomfortable approaching women. If you get tongue-tied, speed dating isn’t gonna help you. If you’re gun shy, moving to a hottie haven such as Miami only makes things worse. That’s why I started PullJoy. The blog, the individual consultations, the newsletter, the group seminars. No guts, no glory.

I’ve been where you are, but I read up on women, listened more closely to their bellyaching about guys, learned from movies, sucked it up, and got in the game. I was 23, and life was passing me by. This existence is too short for that. But you can meet all the women in the world via the Internet, or a dating service- if they don’t think you’re smooth, you’re shot. You’re also out some cash. Highly sought after women prefer directed, confident men. Fear signals other shortcomings.

Grow your inner mack- this is more important than any salary or sporty ride. No one can take it away from you. I have your best interest at heart.  I’m guaranteed to take you from geek to chic.

Beginning Wednesday, May 21, PullJoy: The Seduction Newsletter, and other articles of mine, will appear every Wednesday at




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