What Kind of Man is PullJoy? A Playboy- Literally

Life is grand. Above all else, have some fun with this pickup stuff. Fall in love with life, and the pretty women will come. How does one adopt the attitude it takes to attract beautiful women, overnight? Let’s go back to your childhood? Remember how we’d pretend we were our favorite pro football players when we played tackle or touch, taking on all their mannerisms and trademark moves? How we played cops and robbers, or “war”? We imagined we were all these things for the sake of the game. We were in character. Do the same thing here guys. When you hit a store, restaurant, or night spot, right before you approach a babe or a group of them, imagine you are Ashton Kutcher, Usher, or Josh Duhamel walking over to them, and that you hold the superior hand in the game. That whatever witty remark you make, their response and receptiveness is tempered by the fact they already like you.

Make life easier on yourself by frequenting the same establishments, so the bar staff, hostesses, or regulars light up like the proverbial Christmas trees when you enter- babes you’re just meeting will note your social capital and likeability. In my spots and stomping grounds- the babes who work there josh with me before I can even get off a zinger. Treat the dudes like you’re royalty too.

You see boys, PullJoy is 85% about you, and considerably less about learning techniques to woo hot women. If girlfriend senses that you are unique (exciting), she’ll doff the panties if her mood and the circumstances are right. Women enjoy sex as much or more than we, but can’t afford a promiscuous image. Until you internalize a high male social value, and a ‘tude that says “sexy”, the old imagination will lock you into a confident walk, posture, seated conversation, and alleviate nervous eyes. I don’t actually employ this tactic any more, because over time and experience interacting with a lot of good looking women, whether in Montreal, Puerto Rico, Boston, or California’s East Bay- I carry myself with the same assurance that LeBron, Clooney, or Tiger probably do. Not because I’ve done the things they’ve done, because of how women have come to view me, and how it has cultivated my self-esteem. So I expect eyes to follow me, and people to wonder about me when I enter a set not because of fame (which I lack), but bearing.

PullJoy is a demeanor. To quote the old deodorant ad, raise your hands if you’re sure. Highly desired women have a preference for highly desired men. Makes sense. Make the game fun, and the babes will come.



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