How Can PullJoy Help a Guy With a Girlfriend?

People visit this site for various reasons- to learn how to smoothtalk their way into one night stands and booty calls, for tips concerning overall confidence that assists them in everything from job interviews to presentations at work, compare trade secrets, improve their dating regimen, and some just enjoy my writing style. Women included. What good is this blog for guys who already have a girl? A great deal of good, it turns out. Much of what I teach, I learned or applied in the context of committed relationships.

I can teach you to be a superior lover, and a more creative kisser. Hit me up at My advice on clothing could help any dude in the eyes of his girlfriend. Same with previous posts regarding grooming and hygiene, and pimping one’s crib. And the “lines” I’ve listed in a couple posts are as suited to a boyfriend as a cat opening a babe in a nightclub.

Maintain steady eye contact with your girl. Try not to cut her off is be dismissive when she’s making a point. Buy her little things on days that aren’t holidays or birthdays, because you’ve noticed she likes that particular thing or stuffed item, heard her mention it, or she collects them. Don’t make every “date” a routine trip to the movies or a meal, hit the parks, drive out of town, people watch in a mall, or go ride bikes or play Frisbee. Be spontaneous and creative. Stay positive, and learn what it takes to cheer her up- an outing, good music, a sexy text or e-mail.

Don’t ask or talk excessively about past relationships- too negative and you sound bitter, too positive and you sound attached. Be a prince in the presence of her mom. A PullJoy boyfriend is friendly with his ex’s mom even after a breakup- it demonstrates class. Be prompt, and don’t tease her about it takes her to get ready (she’s doing it for you).

Read women’s mags (one needn’t subscribe, browse them in a bookstore or library), to gain an appreciation of the female mindset- not that women are monolithic. If she’s a generous girl- the kind that always offers to pay for things, and often invites you to a dinner she prepared, pay for everything- “dates”, parking, gas, tips, and buy her little gifts while you’re out. Magnanimity goes a long, long way (and makes her hot). For further advice, you may e-mail me at the aforementioned address.

Live The Dream,



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