To Be PullJoy is to be a Man of the World

To learn all it takes to be smooth and successful with the hottest women, you’re going to have to learn a lot about people and life in general. If you don’t have one, develop an interest in art, eclectic variety of music, world history (not U.S. history, or history through Western eyes, world history), politics, and pop culture to a conversant level. Few dinner party or airplane topics can surface about which I don’t possess a passing knowledge, which means I’m seldom grasping for words or subject matter when I meet a honey.

You see, when you can switch topics without missing a beat, it facilitates speed bonding, because it compresses three “dates” worth of, “Oh, I read that too…” into one encounter. You create a faster connection with her, which is seductive.

When one is interesting, accomplished, ambitious, artsy people want to be in their company. It’s a departure from shop talk and the academic world. It’s wordly. One need not be an expert in all, it is the curiosity, and the childish sense of wonder (scientists have it) that women notice. Theories about drama, sociology, classical music, and comparative art are romantic. Save the deep analysis of the NFC East and the critiques of the latest tech tools for the boys- even if the woman follows these things (doesn’t mean they always want to discuss them to get in the mood for sex). On the other hand, the fact that I once followed college sports and scores very closely means there are very few schools a babe can tell me she attended, that I don’t know where they are. Naturally, you should tailor your convo to the babe you’re speaking with- it’s not necessary to jump profound with everyone, but discuss broad topics, almost as if a dreamer or philosopher. Don’t give too much, retain some mystery and turn the focus back to her.

Much as clothes are, knowledge is social capital. All the guys I know that can pull women just “like that” are well-read. Your tastes will still be your own, don’t fake any interests. Collect and read what inspires you.

Delve into her head, and put yourself into her bed.



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