Get The Code, Get The Digits: Winners of Remington’s Best Pickup Line Contest

The openers that win these corporate-sponsored national contests are always so lame, but they’re great p.r. for the companies. Remember, it’s not what you say, but how (see my recent post “Never Say Six Words When Three Will Do”). Just the same:

…and SV vodka compiled this bit:

I teach dudes to say something witty about the immediate environment (e.g. rush hour or a slow bartender), offer your name and ask hers. If you must use a “line”, use a smooth, sincere delivery, not a canned approach, and try to smile a little when popping it. If a knockout gets off an elevator, I might say, “I like this magic elevator- you push a button and a doll comes out.” She’ll laugh- it’s very original, and sincerely voiced.

Here’s a tip that’s every bit as important as a slick approach- if you say something complimentary, especially if it’s physical (try not to, but if), and she laughs and takes it well, or says something like, “That’s sweet”, as women over thirty will do more often than their younger counterparts, follow up with:

“And you have a great personality too, ” uttered as an observation not as apparent as the outer beauty. I don’t mean say it as if you’re shocked- there’s a happy medium. This melts ’em, and I’ve only jusy begun using it.

No dime, no time. I’m out.



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