PullJoy Goes to the Movies: Films to Max Your Mack

I often discuss the fact that the movies are teeming with male characters whom one can study to see what smooth looks and sounds like. Though previous posts have addressed this issue, I like to re-visit it. We do have a lot of new visitors to PullJoy. See what mannerisms and wordplay you can borrow from these suave screen lovers on my list of eight to get you straight:

“THE GRASS IS GREENER” I don’t think Turner airs this one, but it’s worth renting. Dig how Robert Mitchum flirts with Deborah Kerr, and the double-meanings in some of his rap. Tremendous screenwriting.

“WEDDING CRASHERS” These guys bond and bed. They also go where the eligible women are. What planners.

“LADY SINGS THE BLUES” Not all of us have Billy Dee Williams’ voice, but note his tendency to smile, his body language, the way he delivers his opener, “You want my arm to fall off?”

“BEDROOM STORY” David Niven is urbane, but co-star Marlon Brando is off-the-charts charming as a con artists competing with the Brit for the affections of the lovely Shirley Jones. Take all you can from this unsung gem.

“BOOMERANG” Eddie Murphy has swagger, but stays personable. Also large is that his character doesn’t dress like he’s headed to an office.

“COCKTAIL” Probably, along with “Top Gun”, the exemplar of the cocky, unattached Tom Cruise character (Cruise has steady girlfriends or wives in several of his best flicks). The smile, the demeanor, the carefree ‘tude.

“THE NUTTY PROFESSOR” The Jerry Lewis version. Talk about acting. If you want to score the night you meet her, “Buddy Love” is the archetype. He expects success, and doesn’t seek female approval in an “I like everything you like” manner. Again, note the body language (and talk about “peacocking”- compare his getups to the college boys in the backdrop).

“THE BIG SLEEP” I chose this classic because of Humphrey Bogart’s dialogue with the babes. They just don’t make ’em like this any more. As a man’s man, peep Bogey in “Sabrina”.

This is a pretty good start. You are who you are, but a beginner can learn a lot from the way actors, who are paid to learn tone, body language, and character, take on the roles of ladies’ men and high livers.


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