PullJoy: The Secret is in the Attitude

It’s all in your mind. When I step to a sizzler, I fully expect her to laugh at my quips, open up verbally, and give the the digits- if not more when the vibe is strong. I wouldn’t approach if that were not the case. Sometimes I think of the hottest girls I ever tongue-kissed and/or sexed, and what was going through my head when I first met them. I almost every case, especially in my twenties, it was (menta deep breath)- “here I go, hope she likes me.” The trepidation I felt was less about rejection and more about not getting to know a beautiful woman. There’s a difference.

Fear of rejection is stage fright. It’s about your person being shot down. My worry was that in this brief life, I would never kiss this babe unless she gave me a means to get in touch with her, and dug me after we spoke. It wasn’t approach anxiety, I worried about the aesthetic loss. Thankfully, I closed some of the smokingest babes I have ever laid eyes on. Therein lies the key. I have past success, so all anxiety is tempered by the fact that some traffic stoppers have been into me. To really excel at what I do, you must achieve such success with so many drop dead gorgeous lookers that it powers your game.

Nothing succeeds like success. I must, however, give you fair warning. When you become PullJoy, women will check you out when you’re in public, even before you say jack to them. You’re gonna be noticed, both for your air and your attire. It’s a heady feeling. They claim power corrupts. I use mine for the greater good. All kinds of people will scope you out, by the way, all ages, all groups.

When you feel (and not in an arrogant way) “all these women are on me”, you’ve arrived. You’ve got your PullJoy papers. You’re living on Panty Place. People will love you, and speak to you before you greet them. The way you treat everyone will reap major dividends my friend. And major drawers. I’m just lettin’ you know up front.

Imagine the way Derek Jeter, David Beckham, or Freddie Prinze, Jr. feel when they walk into an atmosphere full of women (a woman’s shoe store, a poolside, or a reception). Hold that thought for a moment. That’s how you will feel (there’s a cute Macy’s ad featuring a male model, Martha Stewart, and Donald Trump that illustrates this all-eyes-are-on-you concept).

Own that, player, it’s the source of everything that happens here. Tomorrow (Wednesday 21), the first of a series of weekly PullJoy columns and newsletters will be featured at www.sexblogger.com.



One response to “PullJoy: The Secret is in the Attitude

  1. whatever happened to is it me, Freddie Prinze Jr., anyway?

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