Pickup: The Mental Game

Everything is mental, fellas- even the physical. Why else would placebos and hypnotism work? There’s a book called “Golf: The Mental Game”, by Tom Dorsel, Ph.D. He separates our mental process into thinking, emotion, and action. In the book’s intro, Dr. Dorsel provides the mental health example- schizophrenia involves thinking, which is in such cases is disoriented and delusional. Anxiety concerns emotion, as in a disturbed state, nervousness, or fear. Getting in trouble, or antisocial behavior is an action.

Another example in the book breaks the sales process down into tapping into the prospect’s needs (emotion), educating them about the benefits of the product (get them thinking), and persuading the customer to take action (buying or ordering).

Now think of those hotties. To speed bond to a sexual encounter, one must employ EMOTION (connect with her verbally, make her feel excited, the mood sexy, and be fun). This will have her THINKING, this guy is different, what would it be like to be with him. He must be pretty popular with women. In so many words, you’ve demonstrated strong social capital. This leads to your ACTION, you test the connection with light touch during laughter or pensive moments, and you advance to the hookup.

No wonder people say a person plays golf as they do everything else.

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