A Pickup Line No Woman Can Refuse

Try this on a very attractive babe:

“Excuse me,” (she’ll pause to hear what you’ll say) “Are you the prettiest girl in —- (fill in the name of your city or town)?” She’ll laugh a little, kind of blush, and be at a momentary loss for words. Some will say:

“I don’t know…”

Then hit her with, “You’re the prettiest one I’ve seen,” and if her initial response to your question was a combination of friendly modesty, tell her she’s got “…the personality to match…” From there, you should be able to cop the digits(see other posts that cover Speed Bonding). I field-tested that sucker for you, and it’s good to go!

I don’t use that rap with babes I want to meet, because I like women to wonder if I dig them that way- instead I flirt with it. Plus, with babes in the age group I trialed it on (about 20-32), I don’t let on how I feel about their appearance until they’ve done or said something that tells me they like me. But it has never failed to elicit an identical response, so it’s all yours. I don’t generally know enough about a hottie in that short a time to know if I want to get with her, but I believe in at least verbally engaging every superbad babe I see that’s not obviously busy, or with her family. I at least want a name, in case I run into her again. I even jot the name down later (and maybe where I met her) so’s I’ll remember it upon a second meeting (in which case I might ask for the number, because they’re flattered I remember their name over time- “…give me something else to remember. What’s your number?”).

Whether you use that “…are you the prettiest” line for flirt or skirt, it’s guaranteed to break ’em down.

(direct your individual questions to smooth.talker@live.com, or contact me there for personal consultation if you reside in/near D.C.)



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