A PullJoy© Man is a Triple Threat

Life is grand. That’s primarily because babes can’t resist me. Fine ones. Wasn’t always that way. I had no rap for the ladies before I was 23, as I’ve often recounted here. Now that I’m PullJoy©, however, I’m too much. What I have going for me (and you will too) is an indefatigable combination- I have a strong rap (my wordplay and delivery are spot on sexy), I’m impeccably groomed, and I can rag (I dress well). If you treat everyone well, look forward to a wonderful life, and have these three things in your favor, you’re money with the bunnies.

No matter where I go, and how often a woman has seen me, or I have flirted with her, I’m well-received. As a matter of fact, women mess with me like most of you guys mess with good-looking women. They flirt first. It helps that I always remember names, I have a kind word, I’m never lewd or inappropriate, I talk to babes who I can tell are interested (or at least attracted for some reason), and I’m always brief (which creates some mystery). It’s natural, not an act put on to get in someone’s panties.

Today I passed the doors of a buffet I haven’t eaten at all week, at least not for dinner. Although I wasn’t even walking that close to the entrance, a tall, almond-eyed employee with alluring lips could see me, and jumped up and waved at me from behind her register to make sure I saw her (picture a third grade student eager to answer a question in class). I’ve never told this girl she was cute, given her my name, or flirted with her. I engage in light humor about cash and change when she makes my transaction. But she knows I’ve done so with others. The way she tried to get my attention today reminds me of how I once was when I saw pretty girls I knew (tonight I walked in and asked her name). This is PullJoy- turning the tables so you’re not the one seeking recognition and approval. Those of you who frequent this site realize threads play a major role.

If you have (or cultivate) a gift of gab, a look that brings sex to mind, and playboy gear, you’re golden. The beautiful thing about this blog is that posting about such things keeps me more mindful of them, and I can share the results with you guys. I appreciate your readership, feedback, and support. Have a successful Memorial Day weekend- if you know what I mean (wink).



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