To Be PullJoy© Is To Live In The Moment

We can’t alter the past, or control the future, we are only here now. When you meet a beautiful woman, be smoothly natural. React to what she tells you, and her smiles, body language, and laughter- rather than trying to think of something you heard on a pickup website or video. Respond to her. What you do and say has to feel spontaneous to the babe, not planned or rehearsed. Internalize mack, and be “on” 24-7 and this will occur. As quiet as it’s kept, mack is not a faucet.

An analogy- if one studies the martial arts, one does not want to have to think of what kicks, blocks, and throws will be effective if jumped by two men in an alley- the hours of study should dictate a reaction based on what the attackers do.

Don’t be a poser, be a closer.



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