Seven Common Traits of a Pickup Artist

What do PUA’s have in common? Are there characteristics that make one a ladies’ man? I have found this to be the case, dig these:

He Loves People: I don’t know about everyone else in the PUA community, but I beam and melt at the sight of a toddler, and enjoy meeting interesting folks. Like to learn about their cultures, their travels. To josh with bartenders, flight attendants and waitresses. One cannot fake this. While I’m essentially a shy, pensive sort, I open up to people with compelling personalities or experiences I share. A highly introverted guy who prefers to meet girls on the Internet, and keep the relationship on that level, may never be able to really dive into the pickup game. All the best I’ve seen, are comfortable and comical with people.

He’s Confident: You’re thinking, “Duh, ST, this goes without saying.” I don’t just mean with babes though. The cats I’ve seen score the most, feel good in their own skin (no matter their height, weight, ethnicity, or economic status), and take wardrobe chances most men wouldn’t. When they have an interview, a meeting, or a project facing them, they talk as if it’s in the bag. This is why they’re successful with women.

He’s Well-Groomed: I’ve never seen a player who’s a slob. Sloppy isn’t sexy. With concerns about STD’s, and just pleasurable sex, well, you guys can understand why the best of th best share this trait.

He Knows What Women Like: Memorizing a lot of sports stats and lines from “Goodfellas” might endear you with the guys, but it ain’t gonna help you in the panties department. Men women wonder about have picked up on the emotional needs, aesthetic sensibility, sexual fantasies, and verbal cues of not only women in general, but the individual women they are communicating with or seducing at a given time. They’re observant. That stands them apart.

He Lives In The Present: If you get shot down, another fine babe will walk your way. She has no idea you were just denied the digits by someone else- treat everyone as an individual. It’s challenging, but don’t let a setback affect your tone and body language with the next hottie. Tiger Woods excels by leaving his errors and misplays in the past, where they belong. The tightest PUA’s I’ve seen, before anyone was calling men PUA’s, got right back in the saddle after falling off. No one pulls every babe.

He’s Interesting: No one enjoys a bore. Well-read, or well-traveled men are never at a loss for words no matter who they’re around. They have devoted some thought to many issues. They can hold a conversation beyond sex. The more well versed you are, in addition to the other things named here, the better your chances are with the dollies- from all over the world.

He Helps His Boys: A real player never hates, never blocks, and has a “more-the-merrier” attitude. He hips his boy or boys when women are checking them out, and often puts in a good word. Whether his aid takes the form of advice, moral support, or introductions, a secure man is always there for his peeps.

These are what I have found to be shared characteristics of the red hot lovers. PullJoy isn’t about learning to brainwash or hoodwink women, it’s about bringing the best out of you.


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