PullJoy© And Pickup Lines: Flattery Can Be Implied

Verbal subtlety is an art form. Men, regardless of age, are fascinated with the pro’s and con’s of using “pickup lines” on women. Do they work? Aren’t they more effective with older babes? Which ones are corny? If the babe’s attracted to you, does she really care if you used one or not? Though the subject has been addressed heretofore on this blog, I’m going to break it down even for for my fellas.

Hate to disappoint you, but there is really no hard and fast rule. A lot does depend on her initial attraction, or the lack thereof. So stay well-dressed, and exude confidence. Delivery counts for just as much. The best reactions- and digits I’ve gotten, stem from the sincerity of my wordplay. Look at the babe as if you’ve never seen a woman before (that’s awestruck, boys, not creepy). Sincerity’s sexy. It’s also important to remember (because some PUA’s advise against flattery, but I’ve seen female dating experts say it’s not intrinsically wrong) that flattery can be implied. One need not compliment a babe on something she had nothing to do with, like her eyes, but a statement can convey the sentiment without specificity. As in “You take my breath away”, “You made my heart skip a beat”. No body part was mentioned, but the meaning is clear. Same with my “…magic elevator…” line from a previous post. The disclaimer is, don’t even use material like this with a babe when you want her to wonder for a while whether you’re even physically attracted. And always, always, wait until you see signs of interest before going there.

Implicit flattery can be cool and creative. Compliments can be avoided altogether. I almost never have a “plan” when I step to a honey, I do what seems called for at the time. Treat each circumstance individually, read the signals, and you’ll fare far better.



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