PullJoy© Book Review: The Karma Sutra: Sex, Love and Relationship Zen

That’s “Karma” Sutra, not Kama Sutra. This enlightening and entertaining work by astrology columnist Shelly Wu (www.chineseastrology.com) explores the spiritual dynamics behind finding a suitable mate, as well as the understanding of self which is crucial to the process. Chiefly aimed at female readers, but applicable in most cases to all, the author delineates how one’s spiritual makeup, one’s past, and one’s emotional development largely dicate the nature of one’s relationships- from hookups to LTR’s. A theme which winds throughout is that there are no coincidences in our choices of one night stands, friends with benefits, or those with whom we enter committed partnerships. Each decision is shaped by the desires of our loins, needs of our soul, experiences, and lessons unlearned.

The chapter, “The Biochemistry of Love: Dopamine, Prolactin and Oxytocin”, covers how neurochemicals place us in different altered states, and how each of the three neurotransmitters is triggered by a very different amorous circumstance. Those who wish to improve their Speed Bonding should pay special attention to Wu’s section, “Oxytocin: A Girl’s Best Friend” (as well as the previous PullJoy post “How to Help a Woman Deal With Stress”, which concerns the same neurochemical).

There are also chapters entitled “Bad Boys: Players, Perverts and Master Sinisters”, “Do’s and Don’ts of Dating: Some Words of Wisdom”, and “Seduction, Atmosphere and Romance” (the latter provides massage and aromatherapy tips and ingredients). “Kama Sutra Positions For Enchanted Lovers” could also prove helpful, as variety is the spice of life. Meditation, male archetypes, unresolved childhood issues, dating red flags, this book has it all. If one has a passing familiarity with Eastern thought, particularly “Hinduism”, Zen, Tao, and tantric sex, The Karma Sutra is a primer to spiritual growth through fulfilling relationships. What Wu does best is spell out the harmony and unity of the mental, spiritual and physical vis-a-vis sexuality. She is also amusing, which keeps the weighty subject matter accessible.

This is an honest book- no punches are pulled. Its psychological takes, boudoir advice, and ancient wisdom will broaden the awareness of students of The Game.



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