Whither The Wingman: Should You Fly Solo Or Have Cover?

Per a request by PUA lair administrator David Morales-Canaan (Venezuela) of www.NoNonsenseLife.com, here are my thoughts on the use of wingmen. I have no dogmatic opinion on clubbing with or without other guys when one is gaming. My feelings are more situational than general. A wing has obvious value in addressing the worst male shortcoming- lack of intuition. Most of us suck at reading what the PUA community calls Indicators of Interest (IOI). Your boy can tell you who’s digging your motion- which babe is most likely to give you some rhythm. Additionally, there is a huge boost some of us feel when pikcup features camaraderie- a team aspect that fosters confidence. Call it moral support. I’m for anything that pumps your mood (except excessive drinking).

The wing thing should be a natural outgrowth of your closeness to a dude- you’re clubbing together because you have fun with each other, and share some philosophies about life. Shouldn’t be about drafting a cat just for nightly protection, opening “sets”, or to augment your numbers when approaching girls in groups. If you guys don’t enjoy one another, what’s the point. Friends unlikely to block you when you both have an eye on the same babe. Of course, not everyone knows a natural, selfless pickup partner.

A lot us meet the majority of our women outside the meet market setting, and only have ourselves to rely on during what the community labels “day game”. A dude who leans too heavily on his wing in a bar might feel disoriented if surrounded by hot babes in a mall sans his bud. This is where a wise man merges the two scenarios. Be more observant and recollective of the eye contact and body language of the babes your wing hipped you were scoping you out. Learn to see the signs even when he’s not there. Laughter at your comments, eye contact following you, leaning forward- whatever it is- study the women that others said were interested, and you’ll spot the vibe when flying solo.

Do what comes naturally. If you prefer solo missions, a wing is not your style. You might even be “take it or leave it”- flexible as to whether you have a right hand man or not. Some readers might want double coverage (two dudes, strategically placed in the club when they’re not macking at the moment). Different strokes for different folks- that was pickup is all about. Just keep it fun, and return favors, if you know what I mean.



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