Pickup Basics: Keep it Simple

A comment I recently received underscored an important point concerning attracting and seducing beautiful women. Keep it simple, and stick to the basics of human nature. Approach women from the front. Smile when you greet them. Humorous observations beat conversation about work or school (they hear that all the time). Short convo trumps long. And once you’ve scooted into a more private corner or booth, “touch test” her by innocuously letting your hand fall briefly to her wrist or forearm, or playfully tapping her shoulder when she says something amusing or sarcastic.

If she affirms and continues your train of thought, asks more about you, or seems to forget the time or her girlfriends, she enjoys your company. A pickup artist needn’t memorize a lot of fancy neurolinguistic terms or PUA community acronyms to score big- men were copping panties by being keen students of human nature before these things had technical names. Observe her, and be in the moment, rather than standing with her in a loud nightclub trying to remember a tactic you heard about on a DVD or YouTube. You’ll come off a lot more natural, and you’ll react to the situation at hand.

Learning to do that will become habit, and that’s PullJoy, playboy.



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