Rap City or Urban Legend: Is Pickup Different In The ‘hood?

Several years ago, comic/deejay Monteria Ivey and Stephan Dweck wrote two whole books of urban pickup lines (see our “Required Reading List”). The Washington City Paper had a freelancer go under cover last year to do a cover story on women who get catcalled in the street by men:


The popular blog Gawker ran this post on what was termed Ghetto Pickup Artists:


Any babe who has lived in the city can tell you walking metropolitan streets is different than suburban or rural life. And the men in question can be Italian, Cuban, what have you (same goes for standing around talkin’ about each other’s moms’). It speaks, of course, to culture, not complexion.

Not long ago, the PUA blogger Real Assanova of Columbus, Oh. said some attribute his sucess with babes to his color, as if all Black men can rap (mirrors the basketball stereotype). Clearly, verbal acuity is more environmental than innate- I’ve met some dry “brothers” in my day. I was one. It’s worth noting, nonetheless, that several Black males of repute, among them Barack Obama, Biggie Smalls, Muhammad Ali, and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., first garnered national attention because of their oratory skills. It is also worth noting that catcalling, lewd remarks, verbal assault, and showing off for one’s boys do not constitute smooth game.



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