To Be PullJoy Is To Flip The Script

One of the keys to smooth sailing with the ladies is turning the tables on them. Give ’em a taste of their own medicine. Questions too personal for you? Smile and say, “You’re hitting on me.” As often as you can, end the conversation first (in person or on the phone). Be the one that has to bounce first when you’re together. The way to maintain this mindset is to forget what we all grew up thinking- that the babe is some sort of prey or prize, or that you should prove yourself worthy of her. Let her gain your approval.

The more attractive the woman is to you, the more you should want to approach her- don’t reserve the most anxiety for the hottest of the hot. Meet women as a means of having fun and knowing more people- not as a competition, or a way to make up for not being Mr. Popular in high school. This alleviates any likely pressure, and allows you to be chill.

Like women do, you should lightly touch when the bond is being established. Hold her hand that extra second after giving her a high five for a joke or shared interest (e.g., you dig the same band, or the same t.v. show). Touch that shoulder, or teasingly punch it when you’re humoring her (or she you). Anything you do that makes her wonder if she’s saying the right things, that keeps her on edge, is putting her in the position we guys generally find ourselves in. This in no way signifies being mean, or critical. Just be discerning in a fun way.

Bait her and reel her in by displaying a sexy mysteriousness. At the “ah ha” moment when you show approval, you can ask her to go for a quiet walk, to bail to a more private spot, or the closer, “Are you a good kisser?” (when she answers, however modest or sure, it’s for approval’s sake- respond by saying, “Let’s see”, and go for yours). Always, in other words, operate from a position of strength.

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