I Got The Hookup: Bedroom Basics, The PullJoy© Way

The previous post begs the question, “ST, when I get this incredibly smokin’ hottie up to the crib, er, what then?” Alas, men are so performance-focused. It’s not a Broadway play, fellas, it’s mutual enjoyment. Here’s what’s up.

When you’re kissing girlfriend, occasionally vary it up by caressing her cheek w/ the back of your fingers, gently stroking her hair near the ears, and hugging her a little tighter. Sit so she doesn’t have to lean or reach far while making out (this applies even in car- you do the leaning). Caress the shoulders some. Great kissing includes light pecks and busses at the corners of her mouth, and tiny kisses of areas such as the center of her lower lip. The devil is in the details. Don’t shove your tongue down her throat, don’t slobber, and for some, the neck is too ticklish or sensitive (or they just don’t dig it). Never bite a neck, or take a nibble w/o asking, or working your way there gingerly with a couple fingertips.

Life is about more than intercourse, and female arousal is much more gradual than yours. You’ll know when and where to progress by hear relaxation level, body language (sort of lets go), and the level of passion in what she does to reciprocate. Stay in the moment. Music’s cool, if you have it, but not always appropriate or quickly handy. Intertwine fingers while kissing- but not forever. Try not to crush the babe with your body weight, or smother her.

To remove a bra (some babes will prefer if you allow them to do this), let your fingers of each hand meet in the middle of her back, press the clasps toward each other, and when you feel them disengage, lift  up and apart in one motion. Sometimes lights will be out. Don’t fight with it- if you’re stuck let her take if off.

As far as doing the deed is concerned, slamming is not encouraged. Our male metaphors and nicknames for sexing a babe are far too violent- “hitting it”, “banged”, “knocked the bottom out”, “tore it up” denote a mindset that has little to do with female sexual response and everything to do with regaling your boys. Cats seeking further details and tips should hit me at smooth.talker@live.com.



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