Body Language: The Keys To The Bedroom

The language of love (well, okay- lust) is unspoken. When you see a hot babe, you’ve never heard her voice, or hear her express an opinion. You could become attracted to a hottie while traveling in another country- one in which you don’t speak the native tongue. Wouldn’t make her any less beautiful. Flings even occur between folks who can barely communicate verbally. Why is this? Body language counts. Posture, gait, stance, and facial cues are hard-wired into our sexual pysches. Let me show you how to use this in your favor.

Send sexy signals all the time. No matter where you are, you should be on babes’ alpha male radar. Here are some cats to study and adopt a macho style. If you saw the AMC series “Mad Men”, the character Don was like a testosterone fuse. Notice how Denzel Washington walks (and smiles), how Sean Connery’s 007 stands, and his close-mouthed smile. In Marlon Brando flicks (like “Sayonara”, “Bedtime Story” and “Guys and Dolls”), check out his eyes when he’s talking to a woman. There was also Warren Beatty in “Bugsy”. Smooth.

David Letterman has a way of leaning toward a pretty actress before the commercial breaks and when he’s about to kiss her hand before she bounces that’s quite suave- given the age gap between most of his lady guests and him. The timing is impeccable and uniform. Never creepy, all masculine sincerity and admiration. Remember the scene when DeNiro macked the girl in “Heat”? Wasn’t what was said, much more to it than that.

I’ve often cited Jerry Lewis’ character “Buddy Love” in “The Nutty Professor” as a good model for stance and ‘tude. Swagger is something you can feel. There’s a little playfulness behind the sexy- all the male leads in the “Ocean’s Eleven” series have it- Clooney, Damon, Pitt. Pitt’s not my favorite when it comes to this, except his role in “Meet Joe Black”. Rent it.

Two words- Vince Vaughn.

Dig these cats, borrow mannerisms from the ones most appropos to your persona, and speak the universal language.



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