How To Pull Out of Town Talent: Vacation & Conference Game

Summer is about baseball, cookouts, and flings. What better time to initiate you in the finer points of the latter? You’re out of town working a summer gig, vacationing, or at a large meeting. How do you work the fact that no one can jump clingy or possessive into your favor? Many of the standard PullJoy © principles apply- Don’t stare, step to her. Be brief with the chit chat, and ask her to get together later. If you’re with housemates or your boys, or know someone well with a place, invite her to a cookout, party, or just to hang and play cards or watch Netflix. These informal settings are great for asking the babe you invited to go for a walk, especially after nightfall. Then you can progress to touch testing, and kissing if there’s a connection. If your staying with dudes that grill pretty often, invite several babes each time, and by talking a while with each one after they arrive, you’ll learn which one likes you the most. The get-togethers also demonstrate social capital- babes can see how much your boys like you, and that other women took you up on your invite. If you already know girls in this town (e.g. you go there every year), invite ’em- that just adds to your standing on the Great Guy meter.

He who hesitates is lost (or as one of my female friends is fond of stating, “You snooze, you lose.”). Don’t dilly-dally a lot of time away when you see a hottie at a convention or during vacation- other guys will beat you to it. Be discreet too, private walks and indoor makeout sessions, car stuff is preferable- it keeps other babes you may have an eye on from seeing that you get around. If the neutral turf is a hotel, peep the bar every night for prospective hookups, and chat up the babe you dig. See if she’s up to going for a stroll, sticking to broad topics and dreamy convo all the while. As always, only go there if she’s attracted and acts relaxed (see other posts concerning how to tell if a woman is into you). Remember you’re having fun- the summer is long, there’s no pressure to sex every babe you step to. Bear in mind that some regular rules don’t apply- for instance, neither of you probably has to get up early the next morning. If you mack her in steps, do so carefully, based on the amount of days you’re limited to in that locale, and don’t hover.

Learn to tell folk how to drive to your spot from a few different directions. Be willing to meet them halfway (or go grab them yourself if you’re not working the grill or deejaying). Away from home, people don’t have MapQuest. As best you can, keep a neat room, and of course, protection. Have a sexy summer.



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