Desperate = Dateless: Jennifer Kelton Guest Blogs

Hey guys, I’m always looking for the latest and most informative material, science, articles and opinion to help you improve your game. Think of me as a the equivalent of a golf swing coach for pickup. A woman’s point of view, especially that of a prominent dating expert and author, provides a valuable perspective. With that in mind, Jennifer Kelton (author of Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel), visits the PullJoy© playpen as a guest blogger:

Eager and Desperate Men are Never Sexy!

by Jennifer Kelton

It has been told that men think about sex every seven seconds…

I’ve had some very recent experiences that just may back up that random statistic.

But regardless of how often you are thinking about sex, if you are a guy and on the prowl for a steamy romp in the hay, or in the back seat of a car, I have a few tips for you as a single women, and guest blogger.

This being said, I wanted to provide you some current examples of absolutely what NOT to do – based on three different situations I had this week.

On Monday night I was sitting at a local happy hour spot, and a man that I had just met and spent thirty minutes talking to asked me if “I would leave the bar and go have sex with him.”

Here is the deal, NO self-respecting woman would do that – if you are interested in her at all wait, and don’t bring up the topic of wanting to have sex this soon after meeting her, it makes you look SO un-sexy and hard-up. (No pun intended)

As a matter of fact, the next night, on Tuesday I met a guy, and after hanging with him for most of the night, I ended up in his bed – because it was a natural / organic process, and not forced. Now that IS sexy!

On the topic of forced, the following day on Wednesday, I was at a swanky and trendy bar in Beverly Hills, I exchanged cards with a man and later that night he texted me see if I wanted to hang out.

 It was past my bedtime, a school night- so to speak, and it also seemed like way too much of a booty call – I declined.

The next day on Thursday, I received this text message from him.

“My private pool & spa are calling your name…I will be up late tonight, would you like to come over to my house for a drink, I have a heated PRIVATE pool and spa?”

I ignored the text, and I really had to wonder, does he actually think that I would?
And what is up with the capital PRIVATE?

Not to completely ignore PRIVATE pool / spa guy the next day on Friday, I sent him a simple text saying,
“I hope you had a good night.”

Seconds later PRIVATE pool / spa guy texted me,
“Are you ever going to call me and come over to my house.”

I have not responded yet… It’s now Sunday, and I most likely never will.

OK… Here is the deal, in both of these cases the men seemed SO desperate, and SO over eager. YUCK!

Regardless if you are thinking about sex every seven seconds or not, always use some sexual decorum when you are just getting to know a woman.

Not to mention, what these men suggested that I do – to meet them in a PRIVATE setting has the  potential of putting my personal safety at risk, and it also shows a complete lack of awareness on their part.
Again I don’t care how many times a day you are thinking about sex – use some good judgement here.

The bottom line here is that if you want to get laid, follow her lead, she will give you signals if she’s interested, and if you come on too strong you will send her running for the hills – and for sure into the bed of another man that understands that we all like a bit of a challenge and that, “being over eager and desperate is never sexy.”



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