Total Recall: Always Remember The Woman

When you’re introducing yourself to a hottie, whether it’s to flirt or cop skirt, you should process everything she tells you. Her hometown, her name, her interests, without rambling about your personal life- you should recall what she shared about hers. It’s impressive, particularly if you encounter them again, or even if they ask, in a loud nightclub, later that night, “So what’s my name?”

After lunch, I walked right outside and there she was, seated in one of the cafe’s exterior chairs, a woman I’d asked while crossing the street a month or so back, “Are you the most beautiful woman in D.C.?” Today she asked me:

“Do you remember my name?”

“It’s Belinda.” I told her.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, all smiles, and said something else about the recall that I didn’t quite catch.

“Nice seeing you again.” I shook her hand. Boy, is she ever fine! Flawless skin, perfect smile, shiny hair pulled back, bangin’ bod in her black dress. Now this is a girl I didn’t ask for her digits, or hit on- and I can remember her name weeks later. That’s because I love beautiful women, so I pay attention to what they say (lest she think the cat she met a month ago is some insensitive player who hits on every woman he sees). I can remember the names of bad babes I met 20 years ago- so why should she be any different? Recollection conveys genuine interest. Retain what women say to you- it can pay off when they’re deciding which dudes are worth sexing.



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