Are You a Pickup Artist?

This is not a post about whether you are PullJoy material or not, this is about whether in your heart of hearts, you are a pickup artist at all? How can you tell?

Do you research general sexuality, pyschology, and  literature by and about women? If the answer is yes, you are serious about understanding nature, nurture, and attraction, and on the road to prospective PullJoy pleasure.

Are you concerned about a wardrobe transfusion, if necessary? If you’re a makeover in progress, you care about making that all important first impression with babes, regardless of where you meet them. Guys that are creeped out by grooming tips and fresh gear aren’t willing to go that extra mile.

Have you a lust for life? Are you genuinely enthralled about living in general, with the company of beautiful women being a mere aspect of an overall outlook? If so, you might be a pickup artist.

Are you kind to strangers? I’m not talking about walking around with a pointless grin pasted on your face, I speak of a more internal positiveness that causes one to help little old ladies and bend to speak to toddlers. Charm isn’t some faucet you can turn on when a pretty girl enters a room, it’s genuine. If people like you, they enjoy your presence.

Have you discriminating taste? If rejection were not an object, would you sleep with the women to whom you are the most physically attracted, or with a broader spectrum of women provided they were willing. Those who draw the line near the top of their list, and are not simply skirt chasers, have the selective chops for pickup. As an Atlanta lair leader once said, there’s no since learning all this stuff if you’re not gonna pursue dimepieces.

These are some of the characteristics which separate the men from the boys. Game recognizes game, and while it isn’t for everyone, there’s no shame in that. Men seeking personal e-mail consultation may contact me at, and I also offer private consultation to D.C. area residents.

Live The Dream,


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  29. I am not a self proclaimed pick up artist but I am very successful with women, I also run a dating website Wink2Date which is very successful, I am considering adding a podcast page within Wink2Date in the future to help singles pick up ladies from the internet or in other social situations.

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