Get to The End Zone, Not The Friend Zone

One constant problem a lot of you guys run into is meeting a hottie, or at least a very cute girl you’d like to sex, and getting together a few times, chatting by phone online or texting, only to find out she doesn’t dig you that way. It’s cool to hang out, but she wants nothing more. How did you wind up in the dreaded friend zone? I used to get that a lot, so here’s how to avoid platonic place and get to panty plaza.

Hold back a bit

Stay mysterious, don’t reveal your entire past, so there’s always something about you to learn or look forward to. While you should be a good listener, don’t take in long stories about her past boyfriends- it’s up to her girls to analyze and lend support.

Maintain a sexual atmosphere

Your sense of humor, your body language, the things you do together should all foster attraction. It’s the “oppositeness” of a male that’s highly sensuous- what you wear, your attitude, your confidence. Tease her about flirting with you, and having a one track mind. Touch her when you laugh. Keep the romantic tension high.

Seal The Deal

Always be closing. Find out up front, through the times of day (or night) you suggest to meet, to the privacy of the spots you bounce to, to your touch testing, if sex is on the table. Walks and long drives beat dinner and movies. Your crib should be ready at all times. The way she kisses you, and her receptiveness to going to your place or hers, will tell you where she stands. If she’s not feeling that, she’ll say so, but at least you know. Considerate girls don’t lead dudes on.

If you keep it light and sexy, and avoid conventional “dating” and the conversation thread 90% of guys get into, you’ll be attractive “that way”.

Live The Dream,



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