How Should a PullJoy© Playa Dress?

I get hundreds of questions about threads, from personal clients, and via the Internet. Of course, each man must choose a style appropriate to his personality, size, and romantic taste. Men’s mags are your best bets for counsel, and menswear sales clerks can help you too (look in the casually dressy sections- think Miami, not Microsoft). You should be looking for sportswear, not wearing frat boy polo shirts, or something you’d rock at the office. I’ve included some examples below, but find your own fashion:


“TONY SOPRANO” FROM HBO’S THE SOPRANO’S (again, peep the sport shirts- something you can rock no matter your girth)

A SMOKING JACKET (rock an ascot with this classic- it says “playboy”):,2344,598,00.html

THE CALYPSO SHIRT (another casual look for a lover boy, yet sporty enough for the club):

You’ll also find many sexy combos in the men’s mags consisting of a dark fashionable jacket, dress shirt w/ open collar, and slacks (or in some cases, jeans and slip on shoes). Maybe all black is your statement. It’s worth some shopping around to find your “uniform”, and stick with that theme. Your look should say fun, not Dilbert. Guys, the better you dress, the better she’ll undress. For further details, or my Mack Makeover consultation of you live in Metro D.C., e-mail



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