How to Flirt, The PullJoy© Way

How does one flirt with a honey whilst trying to pick her up? I find that rather than pressure to meet her, humor works best. Elicit a laugh. The joke may involve a tease between your attraction and her profession, or about what she’s doing at the moment. Flirtatious lines I’ve employed recently include:

(in a buffet) “If I get that, will I have a perfect body like yours?”

(to a girl when we couldn’t get out of each other’s way walking towards one another) “I was distracted by your eyes…”

(to a babe in a short black dress pumping gas) “You might wanna stand away from the pump, it might explode”.

There’s a fine med student that studies in the Borders Books near my crib (her friend ain’t bad either, but I haven’t seen the friend their in a minute). Next time I pass her table, I’m gonna ask, “Are you far along in school to give an amateur diagnosis?” No matter her answer, I’ll say, “Every time I walk by you, my heart skips a beat? Whadda’you think that is?”

I say these things because they get girls laughing, and because the situational nature of what I say means it’s original. Which spells “spontaneity”. Be creative. Flirt like a pro.

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