Be PullJoy©, It’s Not a Turn On

One thing I’ve noticed about cultivating one’s “hail fellow well met” personality- it’s a time saver. The better I’ve become at relaxing, being quick-witted and engaging with strangers and friends, the less I have to think around beautiful girls. I don’t have to turn on any charm- PullJoy is 24-7. I greet folks, ask where they’re from, josh about meals, music or movies when there’s nothing at stake- least of all, sex. In this manner, I’ve become, and may have always been, though I was a painfully shy high schooler and collegian whenever pretty girls were around (I mistakenly thought they were different), popular and easy going. People are comfortable around me. Because of other subjects I used to write about, I can almost always hold a decent conversation with an American about their hometown or their college. I don’t change up when a hottie enters the scene.

Chill and be friendly, and take good physical care of yourself, and people will want to know you. Social capital is easier to establish in the short term, than a huge bank account. The more magnetic you are, the less you’ll have to think and strategize about picking up great looking women- it comes with the territory. Loving life itself is the essence of natural game.



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