Be The Man Other Men Envy, Be PullJoy©

You’re well-regarded. Guys want to be you, women want to be with you. You radiate sex appeal, and a genuine charm. You dress with confidence, and speak with concern. This blog is about how to embrace these characteristics. Everyone loves a winner. When you possess class and charisma, you own a room the minute you enter it.

In the grand scheme of things, life is very short, and you should be in love with it. A PullJoy© cat is “glass half-full”. It is natural personality and a positive outlook that will result in piles of panties. Notice I haven’t mentioned money. Material things come and go, but self-worth can carry one through. Your view of yourself should not be contingent on title, wealth, or the opinions of strangers, but your value to your true friends and close family. You have nothing to prove to a beautiful woman, the question is what can she do for you? Yours is a happy ride- does she want in?

When you’re with beauties, smile, relax, and ask what makes them tick. Be attractive- PullJoy© separates the men from the boys.


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