Office Sex: How to Pull a Co-Worker

Let me preface this by stating that one should always be cognizant of workplace sexual harassment policy, dating policy (some firms prohibit it), never jeopardize one’s gig to satisfy mere lust, use discretion when approaching co-workers, even offsite, and weigh the pro’s and cons. Not that I’ve fed you the requisite buzzkill, here are some silver linings. At some internships, a little discreet hanky panky isn’t likely to hurt either of you. It’s also campaign season, that hot McCainiac or Obama Girl will only be in your midst ’til November, if that long. And I’ve noticed that when it comes to shift work, hooking up with someone who works different hours is not seriously frowned upon (i.e. hospitals, retail, restaurants, and law enforcement). There are other circumstances, about which you are adult enough to be aware, that may foster (safe) office play.

Here are some tips from across the pond:

Another prime situation- you or she are about to leave the gig.



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