ABC- Always Be Closing

This is the only acronym you have to commit to memory when it comes to picking up fine babes. Seal the deal. All the chatter, body language, social capital, and niceties to her girlfriends are for naught if your aim isn’t panties. Your smile, your suggestions to bounce to a quieter spot, your total recall or her stories and dislikes, are to position you to sex her. Whether in person, texting, or on the phone, sex should be implicit in your words and actions. Ask for the hookup.

No matter what happens, this will keep you out of the friend zone. You can still have female friends, and meet women just for fun, because you’re out and so are they. I do it all the time. I’m talking about the women you want to sex.

If you do all the “right” things, and she’s not feeling you that way, she might never have wanted to get busy with you anyway- better to know sooner than later. Babes don’t like to lead dudes on, so don’t be afraid to be up front. One needn’t be vulgar, or broach the subject in front of her girls, but your tone, the times you get together, and your attire stay provocative. You ask intimate questions about her goals, you dance when asked to.

Cuties are for closers, if you wanna get laid, let women know where you stand.



2 responses to “ABC- Always Be Closing

  1. Note: This coming from a PROFESSIONAL IN THE SEX INDUSTRY – This man is telling you how to be that sleazy guy that the loose whores want and the higher class women won’t even look at twice.

  2. MK- The advice in this post (e.g. “You can still have female friends…”, or, “…One needn’t be vulgar…”, and “…ask intimate questions about her goals…”) is all about the pleasing, not the sleazing.

    Equating consensual sex between adult men and women with looseness and whoredom is so 1950’s- I’m surprised your outlook is not more progressive. Thanks for the input.

    Haters beware- when my PullJoy© pupils become part of Smooth Nation, they no longer patronize professionals in the sex industry.



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