Be Sexy- It’s Written All Over Your Face

An understanding of facial and body language is tantamount when it comes to seducing beautiful women. Not only should you be able to read her non-verbal cues, yours should say “bedroom”. You make eye contact without being creepy. You smile during conversation. When you spot a hottie, you don’t look away as if embarassed, you engage her to see if the interest is mutual. No sunglasses indoors, the eyes are the windows to the soul.

No babe appreciates a dude in a night club or mall with his head on a swivel. Don’t girlwatch when you’re sitting with her- all those hot babes walking by aren’t going to help you get her digits, or to sex her. Talk to, listen to, and look at her. Try to avoid rapping after public meals until you’ve had a chance to rinse your mouth out and check between your teeth.

One helpful trick if you’re new to the game is internal role playing, pretend you’re George Clooney, David Beckham, or Ashton Kutcher when you enter a room or lobby, and expect the same reaction they’d receive. All female eyes are on you.

Winking is cool after she makes a good point or says something flirtatious. Winking just for the sake of it is like whistling or catcalling- pointless. If she’s giving you sexy looks close up, don’t punk out and look down or away- meet her halfway. See if she notices if you look at her lips (but do not stare at her bust or legs in close quarters).

Man up, face up, and cop those panties. For further consultation, I’m available at (and personal consultation in the Washington, D.C. area).



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