How Do Babes Feel About Shorter Men?

The online dating services and singles ads are full of profiles by women who prefer taller guys. That’s fair- you guys prefer pretty, fit women. I find if you’re PullJoy, women will notice you when you enter a room, stature notwithstanding. Whether they’ll sex you or not depends on your game, their preferences, and their mood. Physical fitness, clothes, and a smooth mack certainly help. I’ve seen players who are by no means tall-but it’s not as if they were going after amazons.

Here’s a small sampling as to what the ladies think:

My take? Step to women who like you. If the eye contact, the opportunity to demonstrate social capital, the flirting and laughing are there, make your move. Life is short.



2 responses to “How Do Babes Feel About Shorter Men?

  1. thats just it, the problem isnt that we wont step to girls who are into us, its just that there arent any girls who give us any eye contact at all. its all about OPPORTUNITY

    • Well, unless you’re exceptionally short, the average American woman is still smaller than you. If you prefer taller women or those your size, you are going to have to establish social capital by demonstrating you are well-liked (frequent the same places, tip well, be nice to everyone no matter who they look), and find a unique clothing style for your build.

      Women aren’t hung up on physique once they learn other factors are in play.


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