Why Do Women Like Athletes?

What an interesting title for a PullJoy© post. Not so unusual however- this blog is about becoming familiar with what is attractive to women. It is about internalizing those characteristics, owning them so they radiate when you enter a room. As soon as some of you peeped the title of this post, your first thought was, “Babes like athletes because they’re paid”.

Wrong Einstein. High school athletes aren’t paid, and the football and basketball players have their pick of the hotties. College jocks don’t generally have a lot of bank either. Women are drawn to athletes because physical competition symbolizes virility, and those who excel at it are considered more masculine than their peers. Doesn’t mean they are, but in sexuality, perception is reality (e.g. cheerleaders = femininity). It’s a cultural thing, given that we don’t typically demonstrate our virility in this society by outhunting, fishing, or warring our peers any more. What does all this have to do with picking up babes?

If it is manhood, and not wealth, that renders athletes appealing to women, an aspiring pickup artist should be seeking ways to establish the same virility beyond the field of play. How does one do so?

Stones- The cat who has the balls to approach a beautiful woman, and behave in a natural, funloving manner with her, is by definition manly. Trepidation or inferiority sends the opposite message.

Clothes- A sexy, individualist look says, “I’m confident enough to wear this, and express myself as my own man.” Office gear tells babes you just came from work- no creativity there.

Muscles- Genetics will dictate how far you ultimately go with this, but an athletic look demonstrates a concern with health and appearance. If you’re chunky, proper nutrition and a forty-five minute workout three times a week can give you a thick, muscular frame. Slender dudes can add some chiseled tone via weight bearing excersise, and sport a six-pack for their hard work. Guys with medium frames can achieve a V-shaped torso in their sport shirts or tees, and develop beach-ready hardbodies. Basketball, biking, blading, racquetball, driving or eating less- every man can do something that will result in better shape. Expecting women to take care of themselves when you don’t is a double-standard.

Whether it’s your confidence, your cool wardrobe or your cuts, you can push the same buttons in the female psyche that the (modern day warriors) athletes do. Man up.



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