How to Pick Up Women: More Keys to Natural Game

The great ladies men possess several common traits, and pay attention to certain details. We dress well, and most of us take good care of our bodies. We listen to what individual women say. We stay abreast of art, culture and world affairs so that we can carry on a conversation with most any beautiful woman, from most any background. We love life, and thus decided that it was too short to be spent shy or otherwise deprived of the company of women to whom we are highly attracted. We remember to smile, so as not to come off too scary or serious.

If you maintain a sharp wit, and interesting life, an athletic build, and smile when making new acquaintances, you will naturally meet new women everywhere you go. Pickup artists are also adept at gauging who likes them in return- which is the springbaord to sex. Learn to avoid the dreaded friend zone by introducing light touch, suggesting a move to a quiter spot (or a nice long private walk), and don’t talk about the same things all the other guys do- work, school and past relationships. You will stand out. A preference for fine food, good entertainment, travel, and art often encompasses an enjoyment of beauty. There are certain women who will thus catch your eye. Your singular manner will also catch theirs.

It`s the little things that separate the played from the PullJoy. Join Smooth Nation. Remember, I can take you from geek to chic in weeks.



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