What Makes a Man Sexy? A Beautiful Woman`s POV

Dating expert and author Jennifer Kelton (Don`t Use My Sweater Like a Towel) on what makes a man sexy:

What  Makes a Man Sexy or Not! This Sexy or Not list comes truthfully and from the depths of my well- intentioned and no bullshit blogging heart…


…and after thinking and also sleeping on this, What Makes a Man Sexy or Not, laundry list for the past four days, this is my truthful conjecture.

Which evolved from a  no-holds-bar place of real thought, an abundance of experience and with unselfish integrity.

It’s relevant to note that I’m not a proponent of just following a list and it’s, “do’s and don’ts,” especially in the Internet age – where advice and lists run rampant.

And with that disclaimer – please extract from this “list” what makes sense for you and disregard what doesn’t resonate with you!

This list has been written in no particular order.

1. Say, “please and thank you .” Manners always count and are reflective of Y-O-U!   your basic being and your deeper value system  – if you order your food and say, “I want,”  it’s just not cool. OR sexy…

2 .Being a sexy man means that you – don’t slurp your food or drink every last drop out of the glass with a straw, and or hitting your drinking glass and plate so loudly with the utensils , that it makes your date and everyone sitting and dining around you – feel as though they  are sitting through  the, “silverware and glass wear symphony.”

3. A sexy man trims his ‘locks’- OK this is a bit of a rough – however- as an avid flosser I  have absolutely no desire to floss my teeth with your 1″ long  pubic hair.

4. Eye contact – not to be cliche’ but…  hey, after all “the eyes are the window to the soul!”

5. A sexy man is not afraid to apologize with sincerity when needed – it speaks volumes and then it’s silently left at that.

6. Yikes! Biting nails – not good, I don’t want that nervous germ-fest anywhere near my vagina.

7. Intellect and humor are equally sexy –  and it can’t be faked past a date or two –  no matter how much wine we have had at dinner, or didn’t.

8. Respect is sexy – I don’t care how cute, smart, rich, accomplished you are it goes back did you say – please and thank you or did you say, “I want?”

9. Arrogance is never SEXY!

10. . Smarts is always sexy – without pretension – humbleness is hot!

11. Stand tall!

12. Asking  for directions shows you don’t have an ego issue.

13. Smile, laugh and brush your teeth.
14. Sexy is – interested but not eager!

15. Opening the door for your date – it’s second nature.

16. Chewing gum, like a cow is not a mating call.
17. Answering every text and call on your electronic device – unless you are saving lives  or in the process of a major deal makes you look like a self absorbed, co-dependent  and insecure kinda fella. 

18 Wash you sheets- yes I may end up at you place and in your bed without planning and notice. Clean sheets are VERY sexy…

19. An old tee-shirt with bleach stains – is a turn off, dress to impress…

20  Your a generous tipper – in every aspect of life!

21.  You would give a homeless person your last $20.00

22.Honesty is sexy!

23. You are loyal to your friends

24. Confidence!

25. And last but not least a sexy man stands behind his words, actions and thoughts and takes full responsibility for every aspect of his life.

By, Jennifer Kelton

Great contribution- thanks again Jennifer (isn`t she the best)

Live The Dream guys, and stay sexy



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